Mondays with the Mayor

DuPont is updating the State mandated Comprehensive Plan, Capital Facilities Plan and establishing our first Economic Development Plan.

To inform the staff, Council and volunteer board members, the City solicited public, staff and Council participation in a series of community meetings on focused lines of effort to create a coherent vision of DuPont's future.


Building a Great Future, Together


Summary of Community Meetings

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Newsletter May 2014


A Message from Mayor Michael Grayum

Hello and Welcome to the City of DuPont's official website!Whether you are a resident or visitor, we hope that this website provides you with easy to access information on City services and events of interest to the citizens we serve. I encourage you to explore the different areas of our website to learn more about your government.We are committed to improving and expanding our ability to communicate with our citizens regarding our services and functions, and it is our goal to provide an enhanced website later in 2012 to make your experience even more enjoyable.

DuPont is a community of just over 8,000 people and is a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.DuPont has a long tradition of welcoming visitors and providing home to families. The fertile plains, abundant wildlife and easy access to the Puget Sound made it an ideal environment for early Nisqually tribes to trade and thrive.

Arriving in 1833, the British owned Hudson's Bay Company established Ft. Nisqually in what is now DuPont, and for decades it was a center of trade, agriculture and home to a diverse population.

With the establishment of the DuPont Company town in 1906, plant workers employed at the Powder Works Explosive factory and their families made DuPont their home. Dubbed the "Village" by residents, it was DuPont's first "planned community" and offered such amenities as parks, walking trails, a club house, a general store and a hotel. Today the Village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and remains the only company town in the state with most of its 110 historic homes intact.

Northwest Landing, designed by Peter Calthorpe a pioneer in "new urbanism", became home to its first residents in 1994 and over the next 15 DuPont grew in population from 600 to the present 8,200 residents.

The City boasts 50 acres of developed parks and over 12 miles of walking trails and bike lanes. The downtown core offers visitors and residents a variety of services and restaurants. Students attend two new schools - Chloe Clark Elementary and Pioneer Middle School.

The DuPont Museum, housed in the former City Hall in the Historic Village, features award- winning displays of early Nisqually and DuPont history, as well as archival photos, artifacts and research materials.

DuPont residents can participate in a variety of activities, organizations and service clubs. The DuPont Lions Club was organized last year with a focus on local community improvement projects. Citizens can serve on City committees including the Parks Agency, Tourism Board, Tree Board, and Planning Agency. Volunteers can also join the DuPont Historical Society and Museum and become an active partner in helping preserve and promote DuPont's diverse cultural heritage.

Annual City events include a Shamrock Walk, Fourth of July Celebration, Annual Cherry Blossom Tea, Hudson's Bay Company 1843 Ft. Nisqually Site Celebration, Sequalitchew Creek National Trails Day walk, and our We Love our Military celebration.

DuPont's unique past and vibrant future make it an ideal destination to live, work and play. Come join us!